Volunteer for Drone Nationals NYC

Want to get a hands-on, back stage experience of what Drone Racing is all about? Volunteering for the the 2016 US National Drone Racing Championships on Governors Island, New York City is the best way to completely immerse yourself into world class drone racing action.

We’re looking for all types of volunteers with talents in the following areas:

  • Executive wranglers and cat herders
  • Registration and Check In
  • Concierge/Majordomos for the VIP attendees
  • Pilot Pit Coordination
  • Safety Crew
  • Field Marshals
  • Judges (Wing, Freestyle and Quad racing)
  • Race timing and scoring logistics
  • Flight Crew, field logistics
  • Workbench (includes full tool stations, battery charging and logistics)
  • Camera Crews
  • Drone Recovery Teams (wimbleton style collecting downed airframes and parts)
  • Volunteer Coordination Senior coordinators
  • Film and media crew
  • Livestream TV crew (operators, coordinators, media handlers)
  • Press Tent crew
  • Executive Assistants
  • Store/merchandise crews
  • Food & Beverage crews
  • And more…

We’re expecting to have over 200+ staff and volunteers for the event, 300 pilots and spotters. We’re expecting 10,000+ visitors over the three days, celebrities, politicians and everything in between, so if you are interested in carving out a career or opportunity in the multirotor/drone racing industry, or just fast track your networks into knowing the movers and shakers of the drone sports worlds then please join our team!

What you get: 

  • Fame, recognition and introduction to just about everyone in this industry
  • Access into backstage, flight deck, pilot pits and other non public places
  • Free access to public locations, trackside stands for 3 days with pass when you’re not volunteering.
  • T-Shirts (2) official wear
  • Extra swag, and various gifts (products, parts, T-shirts, hats from manufacturers)
  • Radio communications (as required)
  • Food and drinks
  • Photo ID Volunteer badge with lanynard

Specific jobs will require passing safety briefs, and or specialized equipment, safety glasses, two-way radios etc.


Check out the schedule and available positions

To view the time slots and volunteering positions available, please visit our Volunteer management system. It’s easy to manage your times and types of positions that best fits your schedule and interests.