Pilot Event Schedule

Updated July 31, 2016.
For daily updates, please make sure you are a member of our Facebook Drone Nationals Pilots group. If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at hello at rotorsports dot com.

Thursday August 4


8AM Special Event TBA
12pm Registration and Airframe Worthiness Check
FAA and AMA Check
Press Interviews
ESPN Production Interviews
4pm Racing Village Closes

Friday August 5


8am Special Event
10am Registration and Airframe Worthiness Check
FAA and AMA Check
Walking the Course
Pilot Briefings
Press and Autographs
ESPN Production Interviews
4pm Racing Village Closes

Saturday August 6


8am Pilot Check in
8:30am Time Trials Commence
12:30pm Opening Ceremonies
4:30pm SemiFinalists Ceremonies
 5pm  Racing Village Closes

Sunday August 7


8am Pilot Check In
10am Racing Finals and Championships
3pm Championship/Podium Awards
Closing Ceremonies
5pm Racing Village Closes

Ferry Schedule for PIlots

Ferries for staff and pilots start at 7am and run every 30 minutes. They only depart from the Lower Manhattan Ferry Terminal. Please ensure ample time before any of your scheduled activities, practice or racing as after 10am there could be long lines for the ferries.  NOTE: Please note that you will need your Pilot or staff ID badge to access any of the ferries before the first 10am public ferry.

More general information on the ferry here:

Thurs & Friday Staff and Public Coursen Ferry schedule

    Trip                  Departs GI                     Departs BMB              Type of Service



6:45am 7:00am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger
2 7:15am 7:30am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger
3 7:45am 8:00am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger
4 8:15am 8:30am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger
5 8:45am 9:00am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger




7 10:30am 11:00am Vehicle/Passenger
8 11:30am 12:00pm Vehicle/Passenger
 9             12:30pm 1:00pm Vehicle/Passenger
10 1:30pm 2:00pm Vehicle/Passenger
11 2:30pm 3:00pm Vehicle/Passenger
12 3:30pm 3:45pm Vehicle/Passenger
13 4:00pm 4:15pm* Vehicle/Passenger
14 4:30pm 4:45pm Vehicle/Passenger
15  5:00pm  5:30pm Vehicle/Passenger
16  6:00pm  6:15pm Vehicle/Passenger

Saturday Sunday Schedule (Coursen Ferry only)

Trip                          Departs GI                    Departs BMB              Type of Service

1. 6:45am 7:00am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger
2. 7:15am 7:30am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger
3. 7:45am 8:00am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger
4. 8:15am 8:30am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger
5. 8:45am 9:00am STAFF ONLY-Vehicle/Passenger




7. 10:30am 11:00am Vehicle/Passenger
8. 11:30am 12:00pm Vehicle/Passenger
9.             12:30pm 1:00pm Vehicle/Passenger
10. 1:30pm 2:00pm Vehicle/Passenger
11. 2:30pm 3:00pm Vehicle/Passenger
12. 3:30pm 4:00pm Vehicle/Passenger
13. 4:30pm 5:00pm* Vehicle/Passenger
14. 5:30pm 5:45pm Vehicle/Passenger
15.  6:30pm  6:45pm Vehicle/Passenger
16.  7:00pm  7:15pm Vehicle/Passenger