The Stadium


Here’s the draft block-in of the stadium and max outer boundary dimensions of the race course. The Pilot “Flight Deck” is the red box (upper right). This is an official regulation sized soccer field, but shortened on the length.

Actual Course design will be coming shortly, but if you wanted to start practicing flying in this space, here’s the general specs:

260ft long by 240ft wide
73m long by 80m wide

It is a COUNTER-CLOCKWISE rotation flight path. All four corners will be used with a flag at each corner, with some dog-legs, hairpins and slaloms included inside of the boundary. There will be several gates involved, typically 5’~6′ high, 10′ wide. Please note: MAX ceiling height will be around 50′ high and going above that will constitute a BLACK FLAG (disqualified).

The Start/Finish timing gate will be along the length (left bleachers if standing on stage looking out) and there will be an under/over obstacle along the finish path as well.

The Course

DRAFT 6.10.15 V1

Here’s the basic flight path of the official course to be used for the US Drone racing. We will be adding more detail (gates, obstacles) over the next few weeks.

Download the Realflight 7.5 grounds course: (Download)