I’m a pilot, can I bring my child?

Children (under 16) into the pilot pit areas are not permitted without active adult supervision from  a parent or guardian that is not racing.

Also, depending upon his/her age, you’ll need a Fair entry.  Please see info here. 


What exactly does 250 Class mean?

Anything that measures up to a maximum of 330mm from rotor shaft to rotor shaft is considered eligible. We are not limiting airframes or dividing them into categories or classes at this point as we want to foster innovation and define best practices as a result of the races, so just as long as you meet: max 330mm, max 4S and max 6” props, anything goes. This will give us information to better define the classes for next year. 

One thing to mention is that we did a block-in test course this past weekend at Berkeley Chavez park, and the lighter airframes outperformed and out maneuvered the 4S/6” rigs. This course is now considered the “California Style” Course which is a measure of not just throttle, but agility over throttle. Best to map out a practice course 260×240’ and then construct your strategy around that.

I am not a US Citizen or resident, can I race?

YES! For the Inaugural US race, we want to accelerate the spirit of international competition and camaraderie so please come race with us. It will most likely be the only time that you can race as a non resident or citizen.

Do I need an AMA license if I’m from another country?

AMA has a reciprocal agreement with MAAC in Canada. A MAAC card is all a Canadian would need. Any other non-US resident (even a Canadian non-MAAC member) can join AMA as an Affiliate member.  If joining prior to the event the individual will need to call AMA membership. We can’t take Affiliates online, but can register at the event when he or she proceeds to pilot check-in. AMA’s liability protection for Affiliate members is only in effect while flying in the US. An Affiliate membership is $28.

How many laps for each heat?

5 max. We’ve been experimenting with 3 to 5 from a spectator perspective (i.e. see how well people can follow a 5 lap race), and with visual aids and a timing system, 5 laps is working well.