Planning & Race Committee


Scot T. Refsland, Ph.D., Racing Director

Nathan DuCray, Deputy Racing Director

Noah Furhman, Deputy Racing Director

Sean Wendlands, Flight Director, FlightClub, NorCalFPV

Kelvin Lam, Event Manager

Richard Hanson, Academy of Model Aeronautics, Government and Regulatory Affairs

Carrie Wright, Program Director, STEM Education, California Exposition & State Fair

Jeff Dominguez, Outreach and Special Projects Coordinator, California State Fair

Eric Braun, Aerial Photography Logistics


Executive Committee

Brendan Schulman, Drone Attorney, Head of Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Kramer Levin [profile]

Philippe Duvivier, sUAV International Consultant [profile]

Jesse McKnight, UAV Grassroots

Frédéric Theurel, FFAM, CIAM/FAI

Racing, Course and Regulations Committee


Trappy, Team Black Sheep

David French, FatShark

Ryo Rex, Aerial GP

Jason Eaton,


Judging Committee

To be announced.


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